Who We Are?



Our mission is to support the decision makers in both government and private sectors on economic development, innovation, and governance.

As part of our commitment to give the best result, we apply a holistic approach combining quantitative and qualitative methods in our research.

DTS Indonesia was established in Jakarta October 2018, we provide services focusing on various research and advisory works for private and public across industries. With national and global networks held by our team members, our organization attempts to build a connection and create a strategy to innovate, combining comprehensive frontier research and best practices.   

In addition to research, we provide support facilitation for the development of the local brand image, innovation, and the development of local government capacity. 

We have a dedicated small team of specialists and experts from various fields and we collaborate both with each other and share the same passion to support all the decision makers in a wide range of sectors. We worked in all areas including, political, social and economy. 


Direction Our Office

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