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We promote collaboration and partnership with various agencies such as the central government, private institutions, and other national and international organizations having an interest in local development, and we believe good public policy will benefit the lives of millions of people in the world.

World Bank

Timor Leste Enterprise Survey 2021
Gathering the information at the firm level in Dili Timor Leste to get an understanding of the private sector development in Timor Leste, through the development of the manufacturing and service sector.

Ministry of Trade Republic of Indonesia

Assessment on Indonesia Nickel Ban
The study is intended to provide evidence on Indonesia’s position on the dispute case in WTO with GATT Article XX on General Exceptions that lays out a number of specific instances in which WTO members may be exempted from GATT rules


Temburong Strategic Development Masterplan, Brunei Darussalam


Survey Management of Socio-Economic Impact Assessment on Household in Indonesia
Collecting the data at the household level to highlight the socio-economic impact of COVID-19 in Indonesia. We collect data from 20,000 households in 34 provinces. This project was funded by UNICEF and PROSPERA, in collaboration with the national statistics office (BPS).

Ford Foundation

Impact Investment in Indonesia: Opportunities and Challenges
We aimed to increase awareness of impact investing across industries, understanding the ecosystem through evidence-based analyses, and disseminating research findings.

World Bank

End Line for Financial Inclusion Pilot Survey
Collecting the end-line data in Cirebon regency about needs and current use of formal financial products and services.

Patra Governance Initiative

Socio-Economic Survey – Local Election 2020
Collecting information at the household level concerning socio-economic aspects of local election 2020. This survey was conducted in, Kalimantan Tengah, Jambi, Kota Makassar, Kota Manado


Socio-Economic Survey – Peatland in Bengkalis
Collecting the information at the village level about socio-economic and business activity which is managed by the household.

World Bank

Baseline for Financial Inclusion Pilot Survey
Collecting the baseline data in Desa Pegagan Kidul, Cirebon regency with regard to needs and current use of formal financial products and services. We successfully collect the data from 1,873 respondens


Cities, Urban Amenities, Global Production Chain in East Asia: Indonesia Case Study

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